Chase Sequence​/​Part Of The Weekend

by The Japanese

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released April 1, 2011



all rights reserved


The Japanese Middletown, Connecticut

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Track Name: Part of the Weekend
sleeping with my ego and my nihilist bushido
she’s all power lines and cables running television fables
talking to her friends like adolescence never ends
screaming "why don’t you love me?
why don’t you love me?"
you were too busy with an encore
staring down the barrel of broken nights and backdoors
stuck between a roxanne and a billie jean
wondering where did it all go wrong?
well smiths songs and saturdays are all i need
painted on the gallery of drunken thieves
down, down from the river to the flooded streets
singing baby i’m coming home

take me out of my room
past streetlights, stop signs and burning fumes
keep my hands tied
if you close your eyes
i can be your anyone
be your anyone
hello operator
send any calls my way if you could spare the breakup
for a 10 cent fee i’ll pretend i can be
somebody somebody can love

shaking photographs of heart attacks
looking to move
from the pages of misspoken dialogue cues
wasting all of her time in telephone booths
with collect calls to busy lines
she says,
"i know, i know i’m lost
i’ll take convenience at any other cost
so as long as he’s gone in the morning i’ll be all right"
Track Name: Chase Sequence
she told me
couldn't hear it on the phone

we were
all night
stop to

why don't we fake it?